How have y'all gotten people to listen to your music?

  • I see a lot of rappers click baiting to get attention.
    I've seen fake titles, spam, forced emails.
    I'm sure you all have seen plenty as well.

    Has anyone found a way that didn't involve scheming and scamming?

  • I've struggled with this a long time. At this point I just use social media to the best of my ability, promoting my shit, setting myself up as a movement to get behind and not just a rapper to listen to - it's easier said than done, but I try.

    One thing I've found, which is partly just common sense but still needs to be acknowledged, is that most people won't listen to you talk about your own music - of course YOU think you're dope. But if other people sing your praises or express support for what you're trying to do, folks start to pay attention.

    I talk about music with everyone I can (without spamming them about it). I reach out to people who understand/appreciate music who seem like-minded, and build connections with them as best I can. I try to get to know local artists. I firmly believe in the whole "do unto others" mantra, so I try and support other artists, those on the rise and those just getting their start alike. And then I put myself out there, and I hope to receive some small percentage of that love back.

    I can't claim to have some huge success, but my viewership has definitely increased significantly as time went on. I also jump on opportunities like this board, to meet other artists and boost those connections. I'm just hopin I catch an ear or two!

  • The best example I've seen of it with my own eyes is Azizi Gibson who started off being signed to Flying Lotus and is now on Waka's 36 Brickhouse. My day 1 homie is his engineer and I remember when Z just moved to Cali from Maryland couch surfing trying to make it - all dude had was his mixtape. One day he was in the gym at his homie's apartment complex he was stayin at and FlyLo was in there, so he went up to him and chopped game for a little bit and at the end of the conversation gave him his mixtape. FlyLo hit him up later that day and he was signed in a week.

    Z got instant access and credibility with a built-in fanbase because he sold one person who already had the attention of a lot of people. Cosigns are real. You have to actually be dope, but you see that shit happen all the time.

    To me it seems like your average music fans don't necessarily have the time or desire to find the newest shit all the time. They're busy as fuck just trying to make it in their own lives so they rely on the artists they already like, or blogs they fuck with. And to be honest, a lot of em just don't have the eye for talent like a good Artist or Blogger will. How many people you think laughed at Z back in Maryland when he said he was movin to LA to try and be a rapper? People who now may or may not be world class dickriders. All it took was one person - the right person - to believe in him.

  • @Sol_EQ Z's my cousin lol. Distantly. Went to high school with him too.

  • (@PoorMarty you're post got me thinking. This may not be very helpful to what you were asking but it helped me organize my thoughts on this q. If you have links to your music post it on the thread. I want to listen. )

    @Kenny is right. This question is a struggle. I can't speak for others but I struggle with it because I want to believe that I am creating music worthy of listeners. Also because listeners = money. Money = less time at a job and more time writing and recording.

    But when that question begins cycling through my brain, it is a weight only lifted when I'm able to stop worrying about it and get back to creating. When you're starting out and nobody knows you're music but a few friends that question can be loud and the answer is seductive. It feels like a riddle that you'll solve if you think about it long enough.

    I would say post what you've got in places where you think people will see it and then write your next song. Post that one and repeat that process over and over again until you either die or run out of material. Sometimes people will listen and sometimes they won't but the most important thing is that you're creating something that matters to you.

    Even for artists who are very talented sometimes it takes people a while to realize they should be paying attention. There's plenty of examples of artists who had a long journey before they found their people. And there's plenty of other stories about artists, poets, and musicians who's work profoundly changed the world long after they died. Can you imagine? Years of work and often poverty trusting that you're going to make a difference and then not being around to see that you did. (Blesses to you Rimbaud, RIP).

    Ultimately, having an audience feels like it matters, but it doesn't. Taylor Swift has 80M twitter followers and she still hasn't written even one good song.

    (death > running out of material)

  • @Kenny yeah dude, i think youre right on the money. i think being your brand and actually pushing a personality is the way to go. If people like the brand, and they like the person, they'll be more open to the music. Yeah, and always being genuine is a major key.

    @CrockettHall yeah, its always hard to find those people who like what you like and who you would consider like minded. but that is definitely part of the struggle

    and man fuck taylor swift. 0_1472083441547_RIP-Taylor-Tee_1024x1024-1_oaonkb-640x640.jpg

  • That's crazy man small world. You stay in touch?

    @Kenny said in How have y'all gotten people to listen to your music?:

    @Sol_EQ Z's my cousin lol. Distantly. Went to high school with him too.

  • @Sol_EQ said in How have y'all gotten people to listen to your music?:

    That's crazy man small world. You stay in touch?

    @Kenny said in How have y'all gotten people to listen to your music?:

    @Sol_EQ Z's my cousin lol. Distantly. Went to high school with him too.

    Not much anymore. We kinda went different paths in high school and lost touch a little bit. I wish I had though. Just to let him know how much I respect his hustle. I remember buying his mixtape from him for $3 in the hall in 11th grade lol. Back before "Prehistoric" was born. He always knew where he was tryna get. I had been rapping for a few years then but I was still breaking out of my shell. But even then I saw dude's potential. I'm proud of him. I still support all of his endeavors.

  • haha thats crazy yo.

  • Another example of the power of the cosign:

  • @Sol_EQ a cosign is like that gold ticket man.

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