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  • Post your song and give feedback to someone else on their song. Give a few comments on what's working, how to improve, and rate the song on a simple scale of 1-5. All genres welcome!


    1 - Back to the Drawing Board
    2 - Has Potential, Needs Work
    3 - Good
    4 - Dope
    5 - Flawless Victory

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  • @Sol_EQ I fuck with it! Gotta give it at least a 4, beat was fire and your flow was consistent

  • @Kenny Vibey. I like it. You ride the beat good, flow is solid, rhyme patterns solid. Only thing I'd say is on a thoughtful track like this you gotta be careful of certain lyric choices; words like "love" "mental" or "fire" are hard to get off without soundin cliche especially on the ends of bars where they have the emphasis. Also, the vocal mix could be cleaned up, it's hard to hear what you're saying. Overall I fuck with it, reminds me of some Living Legends/Zion-i type shit. Easy to listen to and replayable. 3-3.5

  • @Kenny a solid 4. It would really pop with some playful adlibs. Lyrics are concise and focused. I'd like to hear a party track from you for sure. Dig it.

    This us one of the weirder songs on my new mixtape. Mixing the beast now.
    Cabbage Nose(prod. by Solo Monk) by Solo Monk

  • @solomonk Aaaayyyyyyy doooeee I fux wit it. This shit is like if Les Claypool drank a bunch of lean and rapped instead of played bass. It's hella different than anything I've heard in a while. One thing - keep the wierdness but on the bridge rap and parts of 3rd verse maybe take out some syllables - the wordiness kinda dries up the sauce. Definitely shoot a video for this one and make it wierd as fuck! I could see this catchin if you find your audience. Solid 4.

  • @Sol_EQ it was supposed to be an interlude for my new tape but I liked the beat, kept smoking, kept producing, and it turned into a song.

  • @Sol_EQ also, 3 on your track. My only critique is a lack of dynamics. Not sure how the track was produced, but more cuts, variations of the beat, beat drops, different textures vocally, and mixing could easily solve a lack of dynamics in the song. Still good, but with some tasteful production choices to build dynamics, the song could ride pretty hard.

  • @solomonk when you say different textures vocally, you mean different delivery or like different effects mixing-wise?

  • @Sol_EQ different approaches to tracking, different eq, mixing, and effects if you think it applies and works contextually.

  • [Jedi Chancellor - Roll with. it 15]

  • @Kenny Not exactly my preference of music, but for what it is, and for the style of rap that it is i'd give it a 4 it's good.

  • @solomonk I agree, the flow has those pauses that really open it up for adlibs, but idk somtimes adlibs can be to much. 4

  • @Jedi-Chancellor Beat could use more layers and would be cool to have it change for what sounds like the hook. The doubled rap sounds dissonant, if you're gonna double try playing with the same tone or a harmonic one. For a stream of consciousness rap like this to work for me as a listener there has to be a good amount of flow switching and melodic elements in the rap. Without that it tends to start sounding like a bunch of words just strung together without any impact and loses my attention. Keep working, but I'd say let this one go. 1

  • @Sol_EQ joint has potential, but i'm not really feelin' the quality. it's kind of inaudible. that's really my main issue with it. lyrics are okay. i dig the way you attacked the track though.

  • @Kenny this is cool. flow is nice, the songwriting is dope, and the beat has a nice vibe. the quality could be a bit better and possibly the annunciation of what you're saying could be a bit more clear, but overall, this shit was dope.

  • @solomonk i like the production. the beat is really pretty cool. especially that guitar solo. i think it would fit pretty well in one of those stoner white boy movies (no offense, lol). not really a fan of the raps, but the melodies aren't really that bad. kinda catchy, actually. might like it a bit more if it were a bit more humorous? idk, lol. that's kind of the vibe i got from the beat.

  • @Jedi-Chancellor not really a fan of this joint. the mixing is subpar, but i can tell you got some flow in you. just keep writing and try to get a little bit better with your engineering.

  • @Sol_EQ 4; I'd say make the adlibs louder. Really diggin' the energy and flow you have on the beat.

  • @jaywonder Dope; complex rhyme schemes, delivery is good, voice is honed. You obviously can spit, but try playin with negative space and let that shit breathe sometimes, especially on hard punchlines. You were spittin so fast a lot time I had to strain to listen. Overall good shit tho. I'd wanna hear you on a newer style beat that's not as pocket as Primo to see where the flow takes you. 4

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