How do you guys feel about this "Mumble Rap"?

  • So there's this video going around by Team Backpack about the these so called "mumble rappers" destroying hip hop, i.e: the Lil Yachty's and Lil Uzi Vert's.. Dude at TBP is really trying to kill these guys.

    IDK man, it's a really hard position. What do you guys think?

    check the video:

  • i mean, i get what he's trying to say but it's like dude, not everyone likes the same stuff.. regardless of history. And if you think about art, there are so many different kinds of art and you dont see one type calling the other bullshit.

    if you don't like something, then don't listen to it. Purists had their era. Now its Turn-up season. but like i said, its a really hard place to take a position in.

  • To be honest with you, fuck that guy. He is a dumbass on the real. Music is all about how you feel tbh. Thugger and Fewtch make me feel happy and lit. Like there is a time and place for Cole and Kenny as well as there is one with Uzi and Yachty. But dont shit on an entire subgenre just cause it isnt your cup of tea.

  • @WackoWizard EXACTLY. to them TBP dudes he prolly looks like a hero. but to people who are open and less judgmental, dude looks like an idiot

  • @PoorMarty the world is changing, homie. No need to be stuck in the past.

  • As someone who has severe hearing loss since I can remember, I've never actually been able to really understand any rappers even if they're enunciation is on point. So yeah when i first discovered these mumble rappers I didn't think of them being any different from more technical rappers that i used to listen to, tbh I enjoy this mumble rap shit more nowadays. I love the fact that I can listen to a lil uzi song and im not the only one who has no idea what the lyrics are compared to if someone puts on a kanye track.

  • So let me preface this by saying, I hate the pretentiousness of this video and a lot of other people who share this opinion, who think they can police who can or can't be a part of this genre of music. Hip Hop isn't split into as many subgenres as Rock is, which causes people to compare artists that aren't in the same lane and really aren't even trying to compete with each other. That's wack.

    With that being said, I think Yachty is trash. Not because he doesn't fit this standard of lyrical proficiency that I've decided on - he kind of doesn't, but I listen to other artists that aren't lyrical either. I think Yachty is trash because I don't think there's anything unique about him to make up for his lack of technical skill, or frankly his lack of respect for that aspect of the game. To me he lacks charisma, charm, flow, cadence, or any other redeemable quality that makes an artist worth checking out despite their faults. I think that if Lil Uzi Vert is on a track, for example, he brings a cadence and style to it that's uniquely his. Yachty's drawling delivery and basic flow is nothing worthwhile. You could snatch him off and put any other trap rapper on and get the same result.

    My stance on all this is kind of in the middle. I'm not gonna knock anybody for their success, but I'm not gonna support you either if I think you're bad at what you do. I'm not gonna tell people they can't call themselves a part of hip hop, but I don't want to see this game turn into an offset of pop, full of rappers with no actual talent doing it just to do it. It's a conundrum for me.

    Basically, if you bring something to the table, I'll give you a shot. If not, you're garbage. Future's flow is untouched over trap production. Young Thug is similar and has the melodies mastered - he's the illegitimate child of Autotune-era Wayne trying to out-finesse his dad. Uzi has his charisma. etc. Yachty feels like the one who's barely trying, and hearing him talk about how little he cares rubs me the wrong way for that reason. Maybe he'll show me something that changes my mind. Who knows.

    His verse on Chance's tape was ok though.

  • @Kenny ah man. honestly, i think the opposite. i think uzi vert is trash and respect yachty for his ability to actually be different. yeah, the kid has ZERO respect for the OG's but i mean, hey, to each their own. he grew up in a different era so he may not have a connection to those guys like someone a little older would. or even someone who was raised on that music.

    but hey, i love lil yachty. i actually worked on the 1 night video. but hey, maybe im biased but i think he's the only person who's taken an actual alternative approach. everyone elses music sounds exactly the same.

    this is my favorite lil yachty verse

  • This divide between the "old" and "new" age of rap has been discussed to death and every year the rap purists love to bash on the XXL Freshmen class because it doesnt sound like the Hip Hop of the 90's. I think the Hot 97 interview with Lil Uzi Vert is a really good one and gives a good perspective on that shift of direction of rap.

  • Its cause they're not even trying to be good, they're trying to make money so they turn their whole songs to hooks, and it loses any meaningfulness. Its just pandering and marketing, not music.

  • @WillyHolly sheesh dusthead city..

  • @PoorMarty That's dope as hell that you worked with him in any case haha. You've inspired me to check out a lil more of his music before I brush him off. I don't really listen to either of these cats tbh.

    One hing I do respect about Yachty I forgot to mention - when Ebro called him out for being garbo he put out a song in response where he put a little effort into proving him wrong. The song wasn't exactly mindblowing but at least he stepped up to the plate.

  • @WackoWizard If I want to get high and party, there's better niggas than this. This is music for 16 year olds, and I know I would have listened to this in highschool, so its fine, but pretending these niggas are perticularly skilled seems pointless. This shit is HipHop Green Day.

  • @WillyHolly I dont think the point of their music is to be meaningful. i think these guys should be considered "vibe generators" lol. all these kids want to do is party and have fun and their music reflects that. The purpose is to have fun, not to pass along a powerful message.

  • @Kenny i mean, his stuff isnt gonna stand up next to kendrick or j cole... of course not. thats not its purpose. lol but if youre feeling in a particularly cheery mood and wanna have a little fun, yachty is definitely your guy. lol.

    i think a lot of people make the mistake of expecting something mindblowing before listening and then get some whimsical sounding shit. you gotta turn ya brain off sometimes and just let the music rock

  • There's a time and a place for everything. I don't listen to it personally, but if somebody wanna make "mumble rap" and people feelin it, then let em. People forget Hip Hop started as a G-party in the park. It was some turn up shit.

    And if people are feelin what you call "wack shit" way more than your super lyrical shit, maybe that says more about your music. If you're so good you should be able to exist alongside wtvr kind of rap without having to go on and on about it killing Hip Hop.

    Kendrick & Cole do. The best rise to the top and trust the ones ridin the moment not doin anything really special will not be around in the long run. You don't have to campaign for that shit. Just do you.

  • The term 'mumble rap' is so cringe, I hate close minded people.

  • i can't fuck with it at all, but a few individuals can't "destroy" an industry as large as hip hop. just because i don't like it, doesn't mean others can't/don't either.

  • @Blu yeah for real, its so derogatory.

    @Sol_EQ i think the crazy thing is that everyone's trying to push THEIR agendas onto other people, which, in fact is pretty fucked up. because you or someone else, consider it garbage, doesn't actually make it garbage. yeah, to each their own but someone actually liking something thats not someone elses taste doesn't necessarily make other artists better.

    @twentyfivetolife exactly dude. hip hop is a multifaceted beast, where only a few people can accept that there are more than 2 sides to.

  • All art pieces have artistic value so the "its art" defense doesn't work.

    When Yachty says "HE" wants to make a whole song saying Yuh (death grips already finessed this) and the reason people like it is because of the beat then its already falling under the EDM genre and realistically shouldn't even be his song if its purely producer carried. Bringing me to my next point, mumble rap is just about where can I find the next dope beat.

    But I digress, these guys have no longevity, Yachty already fell off and Uzi been on a decline.

    I don't hate it but the delusion that they changed the face of rap is hilarious. Too bad its the kids with the need to be "current" that vote with their pockets and IG posts that ultimately decide ..

  • One thing I'll state for the record - you know the saying, "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it?" These cats may not be familiar with Big and Pac but they should look up Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L, all the folks on Youtube who made a popping ass "Crank Dat _____" song, and other rap artists who've rode in on a wave.

    Once it's corny - which it inevitably will become, especially with so many people hopping on the trap movement - they'll kind of be left out in the dust. I know this style has been popping for a long time and sometimes it feels like it'll just be the new popping thing for rap, but trust me, everyone gets bored of their favorite food if it's all you got in the fridge. And when that happens, I hope they don't end up on the couch next to Fabo & Shawty Lo.

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