Upcoming NYC rapper TruthCity drops "The Family" & it's awesome.

  • Hey P&P and forum!

    I am submitting my artist TruthCity's new track. It is the first single off of his sophomore album 'While You Were Sleeping'. “The Family” sees TruthCity breaking out of his usually friendly demeanor to give a stern warning to his foes, frenemies and all those in between. Over bouncy yet sinister production from Yung Lan complete with audio clips from both Tupac and Kanye West, TruthCity manages to even make boasts and threats catchy.


    ARTIST BIO: TruthCity is a rapper & songwriter (originally from Virginia) but now resides in NYC. Inspired by prolific and distinguished artists such as Jay-Z, Coldplay, Nas, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol has influenced Truth’s intense, lifelong devotion to his craft. TruthCity truly lives up to his stage name by making the kind of music “that is the soundtrack to your life.” Everytime he touches the mic, he converts strangers to believers.


    Thanks for taking the time to listen,
    Matt O

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