if you're into rappers with BARS...

  • i go by the name of jay wonder.

    last year, i randomly submitted a verse to pigeons & planes and confusion thought it was dope, so he posted it on his sunday 15 songs you should download right now series.

    alt text

    here's the permalink for that post: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/in-depth/2015/01/15-free-songs-you-should-download-right-now-63/jay-wonder-greater-than

    alternate soundcloud link for that verse: greater than (prod. by telephoneboxmusic)

    bars? if you take the time out to listen, thank you... lemme know what you think. if you're not fully convinced or if you think i can spit, here's one more verse for you: pitch blackin' (prod. by dj premier)

    that's part 2 of this little EP that i'm gonna put out soon of just straight bars. all preemo beats... i'm also working on an official project containing actual content, solely produced by my homie. hopefully i can have that finished by the end of this year/early next year... and i know i'm fucking talking too much too, so lemme stop, lol. my bad. if you wanna hear more from me, you can check out the other shit on my soundcloud.

    if you're a producer or a rapper and you want me to hop on some shit (pause) or you're just a random person like me and shit and you just chat or whatever, just hit me either here or on twitter: @jaywonderbruh

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