Will you honestly tell someone their work is TRASH???

  • I think one of the hardest things as an artist is to tell an artist that something they've created is bad or that you don't like it. Especially dealing with an artists ego and pride, it becomes a very intricate path to cross. As a commissioned visual artist, i have to deal with opinions of everyone i work with, so it doesn't hurt my ego as much as it used to. It still hurts nonetheless.

    How do you guys tell someone their work is trash? LOL How do you translate that without hurting feelings or burning bridges?

  • Give it in the form of constructive criticism; so say whats wrong first and then end on what was good about their work.

  • Ya the bottom line is, is the work something that should be put out? If not, then I'd just tell them specifically how they can get better until they show me something that I can honestly tell them is worth putting out.

  • I try to explain to people when I track with them why I can't use their verse or whatever it is. Just coming from a concrete musical background, it's better to say you're off time, you repeat the same syntax over and over again, you use the same rhyme scheme in these three songs, etc. etc. I think when talking straight to someone, it's better to give them specifics so they can work on it as opposed to just being like, You're babbage. I've never been cruel to an aspiring artist unless they were being cruel to me or someone else.

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