Why is Big K.R.I.T. Underrated?

  • So I'm a huge fan of Krit, have been since 'Krit Wuz Here' and I still wonder why he doesn't quite get the props as a Kendrick or a J.Cole. There are a few reasons why I think he goes under the radar: lack of a hit single, consistent sound, lack of mainstream collabs on albums and generally no real push from Def Jam.

    Agree or disagree? What do you think is missing?

  • KRIT is my favourite new school rapper, but as of now, I don't really think he has the mainstream appeal that it takes to get as big as J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake. With the exception of a few singles, such as Pay Attention, his style isn't really radio friendly, and his strong accent and subject matter can make it harder to relate if you aren't familiar with southern culture. Besides, I don't think KRIT aims to be as big as Cole, Kendrick and Drake, it seems to me like he is happy with a small, consisten fanbase, especially considering the fact that he just went indie. I do wish more people put him up with the best of the new school though, he has one of the most consistent discographies of any recent rappers.

  • He's not underrated, he's just overlooked in your eyes.

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