complex sux pnp is tite

  • pigeons n planes is tight, but complex is kinda lame. why did yal choose to partner up w them

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    Haha ummm... P&P wouldn't exist without Complex. This was a site I made in my bedroom, and the only reason we have a budget to work with, a place to work from, and the freedom to cover what we want is because of Complex. The site would have died years ago without them.

    Not sure why you think Complex is lame, but I think in general smaller publications that cover niche interests will always be "cooler" but it's important that bigger publications cover the more popular aspects of emerging culture, and I think Complex does that well. I've always liked Complex, even long before P&P existed.

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    complex denied you a premiere didn't they ha ha ha ha

  • Complex in general is awesome, they provide a vast array of "content" in this too-fast day and age we live in, a lot of their articles are wack tho I'm not too crazy about their writers i guess

  • @toys-r-sus yeah, i mean if you're expecting the daily news or the new york times when you visit complex then you've got the wrong site my boy.
    if you don't like the variety of content, then you've got the wrong site my boy
    if youre not looking for the premiere music and new releases then youve got the wrong site my boy

    complex is the shit. #imjustsayin

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