Alabama producer/songwriter/rapper, Solo Monk.

  • hi, my name's Solo Monk. My producer and mc name is a reference to my favorite jazz musician, Thelonious Monk, and my loner tendencies. I was in a punk band for a long time, but needed something I could do musically that was less band oriented. If your brain moves fast; you write a lot; and you have to filter those ideas through four other friends, the ideas lose momentum quick.

    Anyway, I've put out two mixtapes this summer, Shithead Savant, and, Dreams Are The Kingdom of My Virtue. You can find those on the major streaming services, but these songs are demos for my third mixtape of the summer, Hope is Rain on a Fly's Wings.

  • @solomonk I should also mentioned I sing on these tracks, rap, made the beat, tracked my friends, engineered, mixed, and mastered everything myself. One man producing shop.

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