Silence is Petty, Bitter's not Pretty - Ever

  • Introducing the brand new single ‘Silence Is Petty, Bitter’s Not Pretty’ by the haunting Ever.

    Creating atmospheric and sleek electronica, singer songwriter Ever cannot fail to make a mark with her ambient, haunting sound. Her vocals are simultaneously melancholic, delicate yet crisp and she draws influence from a wide range of female artists including Kimbra, Grimes, Björk and Kate Bush.

    'Silence is Petty, Bitter's not Pretty' is a truly heartfelt piece of work and ponders the meaning of life today: we constantly work to live, but are we truly living?
    Ever strives to answer that in this latest single.

    ‘Silence Is Petty, Bitter’s Not Pretty’ was self-released on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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