How exactly is Tupac a top ten rapper of all time???

  • Please enlighten me.

  • @SeanJZoning LOL. honestly, i was never really a big fan. but i think his message and his personality was so strong, it left a lasting impression.

  • @PoorMarty Lol I feel like a lot of people do what he did a lot better smh

  • @SeanJZoning haha oh hell yeah. absolutely. its like a hall of fame, people dont get replaced, it just gets more names

  • @SeanJZoning bruh, you was in diapers, when he died :/

    technically, he's nowhere near a top rapper. big could spit better than him.

    HE was so great as a PERSON that he's the GREATEST rapper of all-time. he stood for so much more than rap and THAT can't be duplicated. he was beyond it, but nice niggas is calling him a rapper, he's the GREATEST... not the best... the greatest.

  • @jaywonder So Pac IS a "Top 10 rapper of all time"?

  • @jaywonder he was a great person not a great rapper haha

    i mean, hes not in any of MY top lists..

  • @PoorMarty that's what i mean, lol. since the world only really classifies people from their jobs (his happened to be a rapper), he was the greatest rapper. in terms of skill? hell no. but nobody can deny that isn't a nigga in rap that meant more to people, overall, than him. he more than stood for black people and oppression. he fought for them. especially, in a time like that. he spoke his mind... he was just real, lol. there's nobody that could really replicate it.

    @SeanJZoning top 10 rapper of all-time? hell no. the GREATEST... it's a different list. has more to do with his message(s) than his raps.

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    lol did u listen to joe budden's podcast today?

  • @heavenfederline Yes? Lol

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    @SeanJZoning figured that's where this was coming from lol don't be Ice

  • @heavenfederline Lmaoo. He was right bro.

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    @SeanJZoning how and who's your 10?

  • @heavenfederline He's just not the greatest RAPPER. He was more of a poet. Told great stories but technically (as in his rap technique) he wasn't quite there. I think it's a lot of ways to make a top 10 rappers list too. You asking me best skill wise? Success wise? Just best overall in a combination of things???

  • It's because being a rapper is bigger than technical skill. A lot of the greatest artists of all time were not the most technically skilled; they understand the creative X factor - and those who don't understand the creative X factor have a tough time understanding how someone who isn't the most technical is writing so much better songs and is generally considered so much better than somebody who can play a lot of notes really fast or come up with the most complex rhyme schemes or craziest punch lines. All that shit is cool but it will never put someone in the GOAT conversation. If you don't consider a rapper an artist than maybe Pac's not top 10, but if you do - he has to be in the conversation.

  • @Sol_EQ Definitely had a lot going for him. He knew how to reach people and just had a great rap voice. I feel like that's underappreciated sometimes. Sometimes I feel like Nas is a much better version of Pac. Or at least he could've been.

  • It's his charisma and overall package. He isn't technically a GOAT, he wasn't technically a great songwriter, but with the tools he had he would draw more emotion out of you than any other artist, regardless of genre. Whether it was pain, frustration or love, he brought it out of you. So his X-Factor gives him his spot. He was outside the bounds of what it means to be a rapper. Being a rapper was a small part of what he was, and he used rap to push good political agendas & ideaologies. He gave the most respect to rap, by seeing it could change things.

  • I'm not the worlds biggest Pac fan but even I would tell you he's one of the greatest...its what he stood for...but you listen to a joe budden podcast you wouldnt understand

  • He's not. If he's a top 10 hip hop artist is another thing.

  • @no I listen to a lot. Get a lot of overall knowledge that way.

  • @Mr.-X lmao, how he wasn't a great songwriter, when he had a handful of greatly written songs under his belt? if he had an x-factor that drew emotion out of millions of people with songs... how, sway???

    question for everybody in here... how old are y'all?

    @SeanJZoning this is for you:

    "it's different to know and to have been there." -joe budden

    it seems like y'all are just going off of history books and forming opinions. niggas that was around when pac was doing his thing? unless they were from the east coast and was just against him 'cause of that big vs. pac beef, they would never. shit is blasphemy to say pac is not the GOAT. and, like i said, this doesn't mean he was the BEST. BIG RAPPED BETTER THAN PAC... but in terms of what that man meant??? nobody on his level.

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