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  • Any Death Grips fans? Thoughts on their latest album, Bottomless Pit? Favourite songs/albums?

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    I thought Bottomless Pit was a huge disappointment for the most part. They're not quite as exciting as they used to be, but they're still making incredibly solid music. Just hoping they're release something as daring and original as their first three albums were when they first came out.

  • I personally loved Bottomless pit

  • Warping was tight

  • I remember when I first heard Death Grips, I had downloaded The Money Store, listened to about four songs, HATED IT, and deleted it. Then I revisited it a few months later and pulled an instant 180, loved it. As for Bottomless Pit, I kind of ruined it for myself because I made a full mash-up album with BADBADNOTGOOD's Sour Soul the minute it came out (pluuuuugg).

  • Bottomless Pit was really good, the problem is that they don't sound as groundbreaking as they first did when they first came out and that will be very hard to recreate.

  • I got tickets to see them live in October, and I can't wait. They never come to the UK for shows, and the first show they announced (in London) sold out in under 30 seconds, and I didn't manage to get tickets. Luckily, I got tickets to see them in Dublin, and in Manchester, so I'll get to see them twice. Anyone seen them before?

  • Catching them for the third time at Sound on Sound Fest in Austin, TX.

    When BP came out I immediately picked up on the similarities between this and TMS. From what I read upon hearing it for the first time I was already reading about people thinking they were losing their touch, but I didn't get that vibe. I think for the most part their music is not going as beyond their discography but it's shifting, re-utilizing what they have previously brought to the table. I think they did a very good job on combining their past works into another accessible and straightforward release. I'm sure down the road (since apparently breaking up was just a facade) we will be getting more music that pushes their own boundaries.

  • seeing them again next month!

    Bp was a huge letdown at first but the more i listened the more certain songs grew on me. Spikes, Bubbles Burried In This Jungle, Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood, all easily the best tracks they've put out since 2012.

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