Reedus Maeqali - Piece prod. @idkcletus and Lordzurou

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    Boston artist Reedus Maeqali releases “Piece” single produced by @idkcletus and lordzurou.

    Have you ever had to work so hard for something? So long for something that you wanted to accomplish? do you remember those long sleepless nights of working to perfect your craft so that you could be in the position that you are today? I think we can all recall a time where we were all in a position similar to the one stated above. I think we can all also recall a time of how great we felt once we did finally accomplished the task. Now I want you to think about how you would feel if somebody that wasn’t there helping you reach this goal while you were working so hard and staying up all night to get to the position you are now started to ask you for a piece of what you worked so hard for and what you built all by yourself. Most people would be reluctant to give that person anything and that is what the track above is about.

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