Finding Novyon - Hasta La Vista (Feat. Devon Reason)

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    Minneapolis rapper/producer Finding Novyon returns with, the self produced, "Hasta La Vista" featuring his Rotation crew member
    Devon Reason.

    "Hasta La Vista" is Novy's 3rd release this week.
    The hard hitting bass heavy slapper was produced and recorded by Novy himself, around the time he released his Super Saiyan EP earlier 2016.

    "After I released On My Way, I went to SXSW with Allan (Kingdom) & tiiiiiiiiiip
    and was so inspired to come back home and produce some new music. But when i made it back to Mpls, I found out my Desktop computer was dead. Losing all of sessions, that I had been working hard on forever. "Hasta La Vista" was one of the last songs I had produced/recorded so I had a bounce thats mix I was very skeptical about that I just decided to sit on. I had the opportunity to open for Playboi Carti back in april where
    I premiered the song live, and since then people had been asking me about the song.
    leading up til today where I just decided to drop it out of random." - Novyon

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