Do you feel like the hype surrounding Boys Don't Cry might affect the album?

  • I believe that this because of the hype, no matter how good the album will be, people are obviously gonna say that it's overrated/not good and gonna tweet dumb shit like "we waited four years for this smh.." "it's not even that good".

  • That's always gonna come with any release in this social media era. I feel like with this album it'll be different because I can't really name anything sub-par by Frank so I think people will just be glad to finally have some music

  • We live in such a meme culture, it has virtually hyped this shit up so much to the point where people don't wanna miss out on getting their likes and retweets that the music doesn't even matter anymore

  • Its all just a new way to get people excited. He's playing w/ his prey, and most of us will eat it up when it drops.

  • Let's recall TLOP. The title and tracklist of the project was changed several times and twitter went crazy each and every time, creating a lot of hype. But in the end, once the album was released, it was neither an immediate failure nor a classic. So, ultimately, i'd say that once the album releases, the hype will be mostly forgotten. And if the music is truly good, it will succeed.

  • I think in the end if it's Frank Ocean with the same creative storytelling and the R&B grooves then it will be a success. The hype is gonna make it more popular for sure but the music will tell how long that popularity will last. At least that's what I think at 11pm today.

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