My XXL UNDERGROUND FRESHMEN 2016. Im sure its better than Theirs

  • Boogie- is so chill of an artist but somehow flexes on just about every track.

    Azizi Gibson- is a wild card. TBH his style is kinda everywhere which makes an x factor. At the same time it kind of hinders him, but the one thing ill say is he's always High. Then again so is every other rapper. He does it differently! This isn't his newest track but definitely one of his best.

    Russ - A complete artist but at the same time still hasn't found what he's best at. he's good at everything , he's the hmm michael crabtree of the group. He's good just not the best, but he is above the mediocre. maybe its just me i don't know but he definitely deserves to be one the xxl underground 2016

    Smino and Monte Booker - This young man to me personally has the best delivery y and flow of the bunch.
    I add monte booker because the production he brings to the table with smino is just wow. see for yourself. Amino doesn't need the production to be dope and vice versa they just blend so well . a match made in heaven

    Mick Jenkins - Ill just say. He's coming for J Cole's spot if he does retire. The game won't have to wait long for his replacement

    Jazz Cartier- I mean a jack of all trades. This guy is going places and deserves everything that comes with that. No song is the same

    Lastly New Comer out of the DMV Slater The Genius. Latest Track Krypton 93. The chorus the beat and verses came together perfectly. Flow effortless .
    a pure wild card of the group I have no idea what to expect but after listening to his underrated tape FEELING LIGHTHEADED and the single i feel like a big change is to come soon. He hasn't dropped a video in a few years but I'm told a few things are in the works to drop soon

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