Choose 1: Sremmlife 2 vs. P3

  • You lighting candles or getting lit?

  • I haven't heard either but i unlocked my swag a while back so the least i could so is give them a listen

  • Found 3 cool bangers out of the hole recipe on Sremm 2 so it's a bit disappointing. They have so much fame right know, they should have produced and deliver more anthems and technic on this one. Can't listen to the entire P3 on Spotify France right now, i'll let you know

  • honestly if you can get past that first track "high hopes" (still not sure the thought process on that, it's kinda growing on me but the sound is just so off) on p3 the rest of the album is really solid, haven't heard sremmlife 2 yet but I find it'll be hard to compete with p3 there are seriously some bangers on there

  • Really enjoyed SremmLife 2. The way Rae Sremmurd have been able to prove that an ostensibly shallow style such as party rap can be artistic and complex is truly astonishing. As for P3, I found the whole thing to be painfully derivative and bland -- almost as if it were a hollow version of the alternative r&b sound that I love so much. I was incredibly disappointed.

    However, I'm probably going to have to listen to P3 a few more times. I'll try and give it another chance.

    SL2 > P3

  • @nikko perfect options.

  • administrators

    SremmLife 2 > P3, but that's because I'm just not tripping over PND.

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