Singer/Writer/Producer: New Song "Scared" [sad girl trap] (trying to defeat a fuckboi w my music peep to help thx)

  • whenever i get rly mad i post my music places. not quite sure why, but i always regret it. so hopefully i will not delete this. i am very mad at a fuckboi producer rn, which brings me here (to my ALL TIME FAV place of music discovery).

    if u r reading this THANK U. i did everything for the song, so if anyone has any tips (especially for mixing) it would be much appreciated. and most of all, hope u like :) <3 xoxoxo

    and shouts to P&P for this dope platform!!

  • i like the vibe and think the track is very unique. personally i think i'd enjoy it more without the vocals sounding as reverbed/underwater as they sound. just a tad less.

  • @Graphinity thanks so much for the input!! (late af reply sorry). really appreciate it and definitely agree. ended up hating the song tho so it is no more... haha. life.

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